Day 894:…or tomorrow (Day 30 of 100)

Okay, maybe I’ll be back on the horse tomorrow. Last night was largely weird stomach nighmares, for pretty obvious reasons, so it was a hard get-up this morning and I’m still reeling a little. On the good side: nary a twinge while I’m awake, so I think my bad luck with my first bout with kidney stones has met a cosmic balance in good luck from this round.

Something something Sir Thomas Aquinas something.

Day 893: Pain So Great I Can’t Remember It (Day 29 of 100)

This isn’t my first time with kidney stones, but yesterday was almost definitely worse than the first time — mercifully, it looks like, short. The first time was several months (which is a really, really long time); yesterday was acute, but I seem to have passed through it overnight.

I literally can’t recall how painful it was, which is a weird sort of memory hole. I know, intellectually, that I threw up from the pain, almost passed out, and was barely capable of calling a cab or texting my wife at points. I know I couldn’t sit down and pacing was the only thing that kept it manageable. But unlike a burn, or a bee sting, or a cut, which I can summon a sense memory for, I can’t bring the actual pain to mind. I’ve blocked it out.

Needless to say, I’m happy to be rid of it (I think) — I think I passed it in the night, as I feel fine this morning, even without eight hours of pain meds. But I’m going to keep taking the urethra-enlarging medication (that’s a thing that exists!) and drinking 2L of water a day, which was kind of the plan anyway.

Yesterday and today are a bit of a wash for tracking, etc., due to, well, trauma. But I intend to be back on things tomorrow.

Day 825: Saturday Day!

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y! Day! Off to do radio momentarily, but it’s a glorious normal weekend: no time out of town, no road trips, no big shops, just cracking away at chores and food stuff. Getting the Tiniest Gallery setting up again.

That’s… it, really? I gotta run to get ready for radio. Still thinking about the whole “simplify” thing.

Day 790: Weekend Business

So busy on the weekends! It’s distressing. A busy day in Ottawa, and wall to wall stuff to do at home today. Laundry! Radio! Podcast! Cleaning! Tiniest Gallery fix!

My co-host for WAFFLES! this morning is going to watch soccer and nap. I’m genuinely envious, but have to remind myself that I do it to myself — I take these things on, so I can hardly complain when the chickens come home to roost. But definitely feeling a bit frayed around the edges today; I was hoping a day in Ottawa and on the road would make me feel like I’d had a bit of vacation, but being the driver / car-renter / accommodation-booker / car-returner is just kind of more job as much as it is a break.

Proper vacation coming in about three weeks… I just need to keep my head down and bear away on that.

Day 779: Reconsidering fasting

I’ve messed around with fasting before, and coming off three days of feeling not great, I’m considering a bit of a purge to see if it gets me back on track.

My wife’s been thinking of it too. I might just give today a shot, see how I feel about trying the Tuesday/Friday thing again.


I slept fine but still woke up exhausted, so after cats/lunch packing grabbed 30 minutes of not-actually-sleep and then decided to pack as much living as I could into a 10-minute row.

I packed a lot of living into a 10-minute row!

I didn’t barf, which is sensational, but man, I guess I’ve been… not slacking on exercise but definitely not bringing the hammer down, because I forgot how alive going full out makes you feel. Endorphins, baby!

I am literally anxious for spring so I can start running again. I really miss it.

Day 759: Shovelin’ and Backslidin’

Spinnin’ and shovelin’, to be more accurate. The shoveling needed doing, but I’ve never been super satisfied with just that as exercise (something I have to do doesn’t feel like exercise, if you know what I mean), so I put in 10 kind of meh minutes on the spin bike first.

I’m keeping up with everything (with a couple of minor stumbles), and pretty much keeping to the Path, but my intensity is flagging a little. I think I’m okay with this, for the most part. My mantra of “at least 10 minutes of exercise a day” is built on the confidence that as I lose some weight and get a bit fitter my appetite for it will grow.

I’m also backing off the banjo in the evening by practicing less, but kind of starting over with a “play and sing” approach because just playing was helping me get better, but… I can’t play and sing! So I’m dialling back where I’m at for playing by several months to start re-doing the simpler music and singing along with it.