Day 833: Rainy Day Nerd-Out

It’s supposed to rain today! I’m kind of excited about that, because it’s a late-up Sunday, I’ve had my breakfast, I’m hoping to go for a bit of a run, walk my wife to work at noon for a 12-hour shift, pick up the groceries and then Computer My Face Off all afternoon.

The key here is get the exercise in as soon as I’m done typing this, and move on to be practical for the rest of the morning and afternoon — considering reintroducing the pomodoro timer to my computer life. I’d like to move the book forward by about 500-1000 words, and also do some work on a side hustle I’ve had planned for a while and keep walking up to, then backing away from.

Day 826: Sunday Funday

Nothin’ but food projects and tinkering all day, baby!

The tiniest gallery is back up, after getting some passive-aggressive Facebook requests to change the operating hours to “permanently closed.” The door is still janky, but whatcha gonna do.

Making spiced nuts for snacks, veggie broth, my wife is on the candle beat, and I’m about to do a load of laundry.

I upgraded my Plex server and fixed an “arch-independent ELF magic” error.

Good plans for food for the day/week, and some rowing later this morning to keep my hand in the exercise thing.

Good Sunday!

Day 742: Sundays on the path

Late morning! I treated myself to a sleep in, but otherwise things roll along the path — same routine as any other day. My wife is working noon-midnight, so I’m’a host a board game this afternoon, as well as knocking out the groceries, food prep, etc.

Off to the day, basically — the board game today is one of those big complicated ones, so I gotta start setting it up early…

Day 735: Tech-Free Sundays

It’s a goal, but not entirely attainable – among other things, I just spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to set up auto-replies to texts on my iPhone. It can’t be done!

The challenge is (a) to go tech-free, because I loves me my devices, and (b) to figure out how to navigate the social burden of just not getting back to people. Which I guess is pretty easy — I’ll just get back to people tomorrow.

I’m’a get up from the desk and leave my phone in my office, and try to keep from touching it for as long as possible. There may be something I need, technologically — we’re making some things today, so there may be some stuff that needs to get looked up — but I’m going to attempt to power through sans electronics as much as possible once this is uploaded.

Day 707: Get-Things-Done-Day

Sunday’s our traditional prepare for the week day: lots of food prep, some house cleaning, grocery shopping and all that good stuff. And some days, frankly, you just don’t feel like doing  all that good stuff. But you gotta. It’s gotta get done. 

So it’s a “gird your loins” sort of morning for me right now: small breakfast, slug of coffee, and shove aside the general desire to be lazy in favour of doing Future Me some favours. 

Room for some fun in there too, of course. 

Oh! And I’ve decided, coming out of the holiday experience, to try to keep Sundays device-free. This is strictly me; I’m not obliging my wife to do anything like that, and haven’t been very “pure” about it myself so far this morning — it’s kind of a late-breaking idea. But here we go! 

Day 686: Sundays are Project Days

A bit of a late start this morning, but gearing up to…

  • Make sauerkraut (with some new / homebrewed fermentation tech)
  • Mood board for an upcoming kitchen reno
  • Planning for a vacation next week
  • Pursuing my latest entirely dumb passion, which is adding artist art to my Plex media server, because gets it wrong. There are 2400 artists in there and it’s a manual process, but if I do 24 a day I’ll be done in three months.


Day 406: Sprint Sundays

My second Sunday of the February Sprint. Yesterday went well. Sunday is a rest day — no exercise, no checklist — so it’s much more important to plan food and stick to that plan.

I don’t think it’ll be super difficult. We rented a car for the weekend, but the car turned out to be a big-ass van because Enterprise’s website doesn’t reflect their current stock. So we’re picking up wood and supplies for some furniture projects this morning, and we’re going to spend the day Making.

This is good — out of the house and busy means I’m not finding snacks with my idle hands. I could definitely use the exercise break (my shoulders and neck are SORE).

Right now, moka pot and preparing for the day!

Day 399: February Sprint – Sunday

My first Sunday of the sprint. Yesterday went well; I’m happy with a relative amount of restraint at social engagements, etc.

Not drinking can still be tough when you’re with people who are. Especially when as the evening wears on the sobriety gap kicks in… everyone is getting looser and funnier, and you’re still the same.

But if the people are good, it’s all good — a bit strange, and there’s a “contact drunk” thing that happens. A couple of urges to drink, but nothing terrible. Generally just good times with good friends.

I’m looking at a Sunday with no specific plans, so I think I’m going to need some structure. My wife was in her cups last night, so I’m guessing I’ll have most of the morning to myself. Catch up on some side work, a video game, etc. It’s going to be a good day.


Day 392: Sundays

As discussed before, Sundays are normally “break days,” and I’ve been wondering if they’re part of the problem with lapsing. My folks have been visiting, and we’ve been out of town and back in town, so there hasn’t been checklists for the last couple of days (still doing well with daily weight, though). So I think the trick today will be to make sure I stay on the food log and checklist despite it being a “break” day, and get back on track for Monday…

Day 385: Sundays

The tracking thing is going well, and is kind of interesting. Sundays are a bit of a puzzle, though.

Traditionally, Sunday is a full break day: no exercise, no checklist, no nothin’. Saturdays I often slip up on weighing because I exercise light and no shower. And I’m about 90% sure that lapses generally happen coming out of a weekend, because I stop doing it, which gives me permission not to do it, which I extend into the week because “why not”.

There’s the dilemma. I think breaks are important. Mentally, physically. But coming back from the break is, I suspect, an issue.

This is part of what that tracking thing is about: I’ll be able to see whether or not I’ve checklisted, and how I do with picking it back up. Maybe the act of observation will change that behaviour. Quantum motivation!

For now, I’m going to keep giving myself Sunday breaks, and keep tracking things every day.