Day 931: Laundry, Again

For a couple with no kids, we seem to generate a supernatural amount of laundry. I think it’s exercise — when you think about it, that’s a shirt/shorts every day for me, and again for my wife. But it seems like one evening and a chunk of the weekend is always laundry, and if we miss laundry one weekend it can take weeks to catch up.

But it’s gotta be done! So off to laundry. Before enlightenment chop wood haul water, and all that good stuff.

Carrying on just fine with exercise, food, etc.

Day 924: Sunday Funday!

Wellll, not a funday, exactly. But a good deck-clearing day to get some things done while my wife is pulling a half-shift, finishing the lawn, doing some weeding, etc. Laundry’s in, lawn is next, and then off to setting up a sewing machine for… sewing.

I’ve got a couple days off, and am going to focus on some house cleaning and getting the project with my wife, Dry and Mighty, planned and running. Food’s on lock, no exercise today (weekend!), but I’m feeling positive about getting things rolling and running.

Day 917: Sunday, Breakfast & Chores

This is a Big Cleaning Weekend, so we’re going for a planning breakfast to talk about the New Thing, then cleaning the upstairs of the house. We did the first floor yesterday. Three straight hours of tidying, scrubbing and mopping. Looks great! Today, the second floor.

I’m looking at this as a grounding experience to bring me back from the kidney-stone-instigated depressive episode I had about a month ago; with slightly over 80 days left to this before we move on to Dry and Mighty, I’d like to get a firm reset under my belt and finish this project strong.

Day 889: Magic Bag Strains (Day 27 of 100)

It’s been an okay couple of days for the Magic Bag, but it’s definitely flexing against the necessities of life. Things get unpredictable when you leave the house, so there’s been some adjustments yesterday and today.

On the whole, though, I’m happy. Weight’s up a little, which is kinda weird, but obsessing about points isn’t the point; this is 100 days to retrain myself on how I eat, and hopefully my instinctive approach to food, which is going to be healthy in the long run.

It might be good to point out I’m not starving myself; I’m eating appropriate calories for a man, just in the lower half of that range. I’m also not hungry all the time, which is a good sign. About an hour before meals I start to get hungry, and I think that’s also a good sign; by the time I eat, both lunch and dinner, I’ve got an appetite. That seems like how things should be, instead of just kind of being sated all the time.

Sunday today; no ‘real’ exercise but we’re going to do a nature trail this morning, and hopefully I’ll have a big nap late morning or early afternoon (D&D last night; I’m running on about five hours’ sleep).

Day 882: Sunday in the Magic Bag (Day 20 of 100)

Not gonna lie, last night was rough. I did it! Don’t get me wrong. No snacking, I did it, but it was a white-knuckle late night as I waited up to pick my wife up at work at midnight. Hooray for shift work!

Weekends have always been the weak point; this is my first Sunday since setting up the magic bag metaphor (and I’m really a sucker for story, I think; this really does help). So logging after this, and then filling the bag for the day. I’m not averse to “cheat day” philosophies, as long as it’s in the bag.

It’s also rainy as heck today, making this a good day for… something. Not sure what. But it’s not an outdoors day, for sure.

Day 868: Chore Day (Day 6 of 100)

Chores today! Lots to do; the laundry is already done, but there’s yard work and some “work work” to do; a few things I need to get ready for next week at the office. We’ve promised some friends we’d help them move tomorrow, so Victoria Day is a bit of a write-off.

I’m also hoping to spend some time in a canoe with my folks today, despite having baked the back of my neck to a delicious crisp yesterday while gardening (well, anti-gardening, really… digging up all the crap to make space for something new this year).

Torn between nap desire and the pull to just push on with all the must-dos and sleep very well tonight.

Day 833: Rainy Day Nerd-Out

It’s supposed to rain today! I’m kind of excited about that, because it’s a late-up Sunday, I’ve had my breakfast, I’m hoping to go for a bit of a run, walk my wife to work at noon for a 12-hour shift, pick up the groceries and then Computer My Face Off all afternoon.

The key here is get the exercise in as soon as I’m done typing this, and move on to be practical for the rest of the morning and afternoon — considering reintroducing the pomodoro timer to my computer life. I’d like to move the book forward by about 500-1000 words, and also do some work on a side hustle I’ve had planned for a while and keep walking up to, then backing away from.

Day 826: Sunday Funday

Nothin’ but food projects and tinkering all day, baby!

The tiniest gallery is back up, after getting some passive-aggressive Facebook requests to change the operating hours to “permanently closed.” The door is still janky, but whatcha gonna do.

Making spiced nuts for snacks, veggie broth, my wife is on the candle beat, and I’m about to do a load of laundry.

I upgraded my Plex server and fixed an “arch-independent ELF magic” error.

Good plans for food for the day/week, and some rowing later this morning to keep my hand in the exercise thing.

Good Sunday!

Day 742: Sundays on the path

Late morning! I treated myself to a sleep in, but otherwise things roll along the path — same routine as any other day. My wife is working noon-midnight, so I’m’a host a board game this afternoon, as well as knocking out the groceries, food prep, etc.

Off to the day, basically — the board game today is one of those big complicated ones, so I gotta start setting it up early…