Day 769: Sleep = The Best

Slept in BIG this morning, and will exercise later today. Oh man, I needed that! Work’s always bonkers but it’s been even a bit more lately; I’m working on applying for the LLM which is uncharted and terrifying mental territory, and while I’ve substantially cut back on volunteer commitments they’re creepin’ back in again.

I needed sleep! So extra sleep today. Off to do radio, then… more sleep, maybe? I sure do love sleep.

Day 741: Slept Late!

Sticking to the program, though. I got up in the middle of the night — first time in AGES so went back to bed after feeding the cats. And then my wife thought she’d set her alarm but she hadn’t, so oversleep by 45 minutes or so.

Still, sticking to the program: 10 minutes of exercise (baseline), and then on with the day! Yesterday really laid it all out in depth — I don’t know if I have much to build on from there except to say I have an internal goal of beating my 2017 logging record, and an intention to stay on the path for… well, as long as I can, really, but 100 days seems like a reasonable goal for the first big chunk of it.

Day 711: Sleep Is Key!!!

We know this already! But now that I’m typing this (after another REALLY BAD SLEEP HAS DESTROYED ME) night, I realize that it’s not true.


G_D volunteer stress kept me up all night, even though I’m doing things, productive things, to alleviate it. I should have been able to sleep, but my perverse dumb anxiety brain seizes opportunities to keep me awake. 

Dumb brain! 

So once again I’m in a bit of a scramble to the door, which is aggravating. I feel a bit cheated: I’m taking the positive steps and making the positive moves, but now I’m stressed about those steps, which seems like my brain is now just being a jerk for no real reason. 

Genuinely excited to get back on exercise tomorrow after a (hopefully) good night of sleep tonight. I’d be surprised if I’ve taken sleeping pills more than 20 times in the last 711 days, but I think tonight might be one of those times. 

Day 708: Back to Bed!

It’s a vacation day from work — practically mandated, as you have to use ’em all by the end of the calendar year. Policy! So it’s a get-things-done today, but first? 

I’m going back to bed. 

I love sleep! What can I tell you? My wife and I have actually had an are we depressed? conversation about it just to be sure. But… nah. I’m feelin’ pretty good. I just really like sleeping. I think I’m naturally a nine-hour guy, but rarely get nine hours, and naps and the occasional big rest are a way of compensating for that. 

A couple of major vacation day projects coming up, but first… back to bed! Hooray! Sleep. 

Day 690: Sleep!

I slept like a champ last night! Up once briefly, but slept through my alarm and just got a brief burst of exercise in. It’s rare I sleep through the alarm; this must have been well needed.

So: big glass of water, burst of brief exercise just to get something in, and off for training at work all day today, and sewing lessons tonight. A full life!


Day 689: A Good Workout

Probably the first solid workout I’ve had in two weeks today, with being sick and ramping back in after that. A solid workout is great! It’s solid!

That’s a nice way to start the day. I’ve got a training thing today and tomorrow — I’m taking a process management course for work — so I need to rocket out the door and get to work early to put out some fires before moving on to training all day, then off to volunteer stuff in the evening.

I choose to do these things! I choose them!

This is about the threshold for me, though. The exercise helps with stress for sure; I’ve been sleeping through my wife getting early so no more Back To Bed in the morning. There’s a certain crush happening right now, but once my course is done (three weeks) things will lighten up a little.


Day 671: B2B4B

The “go back to bed!” plan is in full effect these days — up at 3:30 this morning (thanks, cats), and despite my best efforts to not get up, by the time I went to the bathroom, got back to bed, etc. it was time for my wife to get up. So then I was up. I’ve exercised, had breakfast, and have a plan for the day.

So back to bed!

I’ve talked about it before; it’s a weird system, but it works for me. Up early, get some things done, then… go to sleep.

I’ve got a big volunteer day ahead of me (it’s the funding drive at the radio station), so I need my energy!

Day 663: Perfect Sleep

A bit under the weather; a bug going around the office I thought I’d avoided but seem to have caught; I’ve been feeling logey since yesterday afternoon.

At any rate, sleep! I slept in this morning because I feel kind of rotten, and I don’t know if there’s much to say about Perfect Me that I’m not already implementing, or trying to:

Eight hours of sleep a night;

If I get up, get my business done and right back to bed, or if I don’t have business to do, Operation Don’t Get Up. I can lie there and think.

That’s about it!



Day 639: Midnight Shifts Mess Me Up

I’m not kiddin’ when I says that sleep is a fragile beast. Slept through the night last night, but sleep didn’t REALLY start until midnight — I was in bed on time-ish, but didn’t really get to sleep.

My wife is on shift work, and sometimes that’s the noon to midnight shift. Not easy for her — 12-hours aren’t, and her job is pretty hectic — but it really rocks me out of sync when she’s not home at bedtime.

Out of town is fine, or at the old job when I was travelling — also fine. It’s the coming in late that messes with the sleep: expecting your sleep to be interrupted is the perfect way to not sleep.

So gonna be a bit of a rough one today, no lie — no exercise, gotta go grab lunch and get dressed and head in pronto.