Day 930: Tired!

I’ve been sleeping solid, but yesterday and today (so far) it’s just been impossible to keep my eyes open. What’s up? I’ve been exercising but in the low half of the spectrum — 5k rows, 6k runs, not the 10ks I used to do. Sleep’s actually been solid, even though it’s been hot. So why am I wiped out?

This might just be a matter of grabbing a nap today. We’ll see if I can knock this out.

Day 918: Sleep Drugs

We picked up some “SUPER SLEEP” at Costco yesterday, which is pretty much what it sounds like — Melatonin and some other stuff. I gave it a shot last night, just to make sure I got a solid night’s sleep, and… yup. Super Sleep.

The problem the next day is I’m crazy groggy. It’s just… groggy. Such grogginess. So it’s been mediocre exercise and a lot of dragging my butt around the house, trying to wake up.

So a slow start to the day, but I feel back on track. Off to work, and then back on the checklist tonight…

Day 905: Up early, lousy sleep

We’re into the “hot sleep” days of summer; these are rough. We wound up moving downstairs to the guest bedroom, which is easy a 2-3 degree difference (Celsius), but then the cats found out and went bonkers, so it’s been a rough night all round.

Giving my wife a lift to work with the Temporary Car as it’s raining; then back to bed, I think. Knocking this out now so I can head right to sleep when I return.

Yesterday was our fifth anniversary in Kingston; the city/move has given us a lot, and even with the Grand Funk, I’m grateful. We went out and ate too much, then felt gross, which may also have contributed to the lack of sleep.

Day 875: Yawn!

Up til past 1 a.m. again last night, this time D&D — woke up around 4:45 as my wife was going to work, so that’s… less than four hours sleep? I’ve dozed a bit more, but my dreams went weird, so I’m up to do this, then probably a few chores, and then strategic napping through the day.

On-track is gonna be tough today, but important!

Day 851: Exercise anyway

I don’t know how much pride you’re supposed to feel in kind of just doing the baseline of what you’re supposed to be doing, but hell, I’m proud anyway.

My wife is on shift work; yesterday was a noon-midnight, which meant she rolled into bed somewhere between 12:30 and 1 a.m., and it’s frankly hard to go to sleep until she gets home, so I’d had a restless night before then. And when she came in, that activated the younger cat, who — this is a new one — brought a toy up to the bedroom, hopped up on the bed with it in his mouth, and when we wouldn’t play fetch with him started to knock it off the bed and hop back on with it, and repeat.

So not a great night for sleep.

The upshot being I went back to bed at 5:30, set an alarm for an hour, got up intending to just put in the minimal 10 minutes on the rower, but wound up doing the full 5k. Because I should, I guess.

Running late now, but I’m pretty pleased with myself. I had an excuse to lowball, and I didn’t. Ha.

Day 837: Rockin’ the Morning

Another 4 a.m. up, as my wife’s starting at 5; I’ve actually made dinner for tonight (mostly, there’s two components left to go) as well as the Everything Else; I’m going to try to grab a short nap before heading to work as well.

Good sleep hygiene would suggest that I should get up at 4 a.m. all the time, but that’s insane, and the cats won’t let me sleep once my wife is up; they’re awake at that point, and since they get fed at five and I’m the guy who makes it rain in the morning, it’s not my wife they bug.

So I lean into the early up, and now dinner’s (almost) made, cats are fed, exercise and shower done, I’m dressed — the big question becomes “nap or not,” and if I nap, whether I’ll have time for book work this morning.

But a regular 4 a.m. up is off the table.

Day 794: The Weight

I bought a weighted blanket for my wife as a Valentine’s Day gift a while back (probably longer than you’d think, it was an early gift). She loves it! It’s very soothing for her.

I had a chance to try it last night and not so much, as it turns out. I thought I’d dig it! I like it when the cat sleeps on me. But it’s hot, and after a while I just felt trapped — I am a constant sleep adjuster; I bet I change positions at least once every 10 minutes all night. Being a bit pinned down was sleep-frustrating for me.

And I had nightmares! I can’t blame the blanket, but I almost never have nightmares. So what the heck, let’s blame the blanket.

On track with everything else; pretty tired this morning so contemplating a back-to-bed scenario before I head to work. We’ll see how my time goes after correspondence. Correspondence! I’m 80.

Day 769: Sleep = The Best

Slept in BIG this morning, and will exercise later today. Oh man, I needed that! Work’s always bonkers but it’s been even a bit more lately; I’m working on applying for the LLM which is uncharted and terrifying mental territory, and while I’ve substantially cut back on volunteer commitments they’re creepin’ back in again.

I needed sleep! So extra sleep today. Off to do radio, then… more sleep, maybe? I sure do love sleep.

Day 741: Slept Late!

Sticking to the program, though. I got up in the middle of the night — first time in AGES so went back to bed after feeding the cats. And then my wife thought she’d set her alarm but she hadn’t, so oversleep by 45 minutes or so.

Still, sticking to the program: 10 minutes of exercise (baseline), and then on with the day! Yesterday really laid it all out in depth — I don’t know if I have much to build on from there except to say I have an internal goal of beating my 2017 logging record, and an intention to stay on the path for… well, as long as I can, really, but 100 days seems like a reasonable goal for the first big chunk of it.

Day 711: Sleep Is Key!!!

We know this already! But now that I’m typing this (after another REALLY BAD SLEEP HAS DESTROYED ME) night, I realize that it’s not true.


G_D volunteer stress kept me up all night, even though I’m doing things, productive things, to alleviate it. I should have been able to sleep, but my perverse dumb anxiety brain seizes opportunities to keep me awake. 

Dumb brain! 

So once again I’m in a bit of a scramble to the door, which is aggravating. I feel a bit cheated: I’m taking the positive steps and making the positive moves, but now I’m stressed about those steps, which seems like my brain is now just being a jerk for no real reason. 

Genuinely excited to get back on exercise tomorrow after a (hopefully) good night of sleep tonight. I’d be surprised if I’ve taken sleeping pills more than 20 times in the last 711 days, but I think tonight might be one of those times.