Day 949: I should start getting serious about the next things

I woke up this morning thinking “oh snap, its all happening soon!” — starting the LLM, the new Dry & Mighty project with my wife, a whole bunch o’ stuff. It’s time to start getting busy with these things!

I’m concurrently anticipating and dreading the academic part of the LLM. I’m going to be taking one class and auditing another, so that’s six hours of just lesson time every week; assignments and homework as well. Sooooo, that’s going to be a thing, and it starts in about three weeks, so it’s time to start wrapping my head around it.

All else is going well! But it’s time to get my regular life on lock before I get into the whole deal. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of work, but I should chip away every day at this stuff.

Day 770: Sunday and Essays

Today’s the day! I need to buckle down and crack away at 3,000 words of writing for my LLM application. I’m quite nervous!

I’m not, like, a street tough that they’ve shaved and put a tie on, but I’m not exactly super formally educated. I have a three-year BAA from Ryerson, at the time barely a university itself. And that’s it. I’ve got a couple of sort of small credentials but compared to everyone around me at work, for the most part, I’m crazy undereducated. I have people with doctorates applying to work underneath me. It feels weird.

So there are a number of reasons for this, but I’d be straight up lying if a feeling like I need to prove myself isn’t in the package. It’d be nice to have an advanced degree and some letters to stick after my name when I’m applying for things and pitching things for conferences, etc. Especially since there’s so much crossover between my profession and the area I want to study in.

It’s really about my inferiority complex, though! That’s not going to go away because I have a degree, I know. But it’ll help.