Day 934: Exercisin’! Insomnia!

A good run this morning; not super long, but vigorous. Juust enough time for a bit more sleep before work; my groovy insomnia is back, not for any particularly bad reasons, just lots o’ thinking going on.

In the interest of writing something, the social media diet is now… I don’t know, over six months at least. It’s great! My relative level of jealousy and irritation with the world has diminished radically now that I’m not personally on Facebook, and I wasn’t much of an Insta person in the first place, or tweeter.

So that’s a thing. No Facebook! Feels good.

Day 851: Exercise anyway

I don’t know how much pride you’re supposed to feel in kind of just doing the baseline of what you’re supposed to be doing, but hell, I’m proud anyway.

My wife is on shift work; yesterday was a noon-midnight, which meant she rolled into bed somewhere between 12:30 and 1 a.m., and it’s frankly hard to go to sleep until she gets home, so I’d had a restless night before then. And when she came in, that activated the younger cat, who — this is a new one — brought a toy up to the bedroom, hopped up on the bed with it in his mouth, and when we wouldn’t play fetch with him started to knock it off the bed and hop back on with it, and repeat.

So not a great night for sleep.

The upshot being I went back to bed at 5:30, set an alarm for an hour, got up intending to just put in the minimal 10 minutes on the rower, but wound up doing the full 5k. Because I should, I guess.

Running late now, but I’m pretty pleased with myself. I had an excuse to lowball, and I didn’t. Ha.

Day 774: Exercise motivation

It is hard to get psyched up to exercise in the morning. Maybe I do need to re-introduce music to the proceedings.

Then again, I did work out this morning, hard, and yesterday morning, hard, so clearly music’s not a requirement, but a help.

This morning was another interval thing on the rower — it’s only about 20 minutes of work, but holy jeez, what a 20 minutes. I’ve taken the “90% kitchen 10% gym” thing to heart — if I really do a good job with food, and get some quality exercise in every morning, that’s a good thing. I walk to and from work, and around town.

And it has been working. A bit of a weight stall after coming back from the February 1 debacle, but on the whole, things are trending along nicely. Still weirded out by the fat percentage versus weight equations, which seem to vary interestingly now.

Day 759: Shovelin’ and Backslidin’

Spinnin’ and shovelin’, to be more accurate. The shoveling needed doing, but I’ve never been super satisfied with just that as exercise (something I have to do doesn’t feel like exercise, if you know what I mean), so I put in 10 kind of meh minutes on the spin bike first.

I’m keeping up with everything (with a couple of minor stumbles), and pretty much keeping to the Path, but my intensity is flagging a little. I think I’m okay with this, for the most part. My mantra of “at least 10 minutes of exercise a day” is built on the confidence that as I lose some weight and get a bit fitter my appetite for it will grow.

I’m also backing off the banjo in the evening by practicing less, but kind of starting over with a “play and sing” approach because just playing was helping me get better, but… I can’t play and sing! So I’m dialling back where I’m at for playing by several months to start re-doing the simpler music and singing along with it.

Day 751: Meh, Weights

Weights this morning… bah. Not that the exercise was bad, but I think I need to actually look at some routines and take it a bit more seriously than “lift some stuff.” I’ve got a book — I think it’s a quarter-century old now, but weights don’t change — and I’ll set aside some time to pore over it and find some ways to get variety and optimize a bit.


Oh, boy! Today was my first day starting High Intensity Interval Training on the rower, which by the midpoint had become Medium Intensity Interval Training, and by the end, if we’re honest, Rather Not A Lot of Intensity At All Training. RNAIAAT.

I’m selling myself short — it was good effort, and I put in about as many kms in under half an hour as I usually do in a 30 minute jag, and I certainly feel worked out.

SNOWPOCALYPSE CONTINUES but I don’t need to shovel out the end of my driveway after the ploughs have gone by, because we don’t own a car. We rent cars and we’ll need driveway access then, but in a few days a big snow thing will come by and shoot all that snow into a snow truck where it will be taken to live on that big snow farm upstate with all its friends and maybe I’ll get to visit at some point but it’s such a long drive.

Time and appetite for exercise is always the challenge. I feel like this HIIT stuff will be super hard to maintain daily — even alternating between spin and rowing — so I think I might start doing strength on some days and HIIT on others. Tomorrow, weights; Wednesday, HIIT, etc.

Once again: amazing the difference a big glass of water (500 mL, I have a mason jar) makes first thing in the morning. Just kicks you in the teeth. It’s great.

Day 749: Late! Snow! Dungeons!

SUPER late today!

First, I was up till 1 a.m. playing D&D with friends online. So I slept in.

Second, SNOWPOCALYPSE! It came down last night, and the location of our house and the direction of the wind meant I got about a street’s worth of snow in the driveway, so exercise today was a killer arms-and-shoulders shovelling workout. HIIT starts tomorrow!

Day 747: Stall

All right — it’s been a week and I haven’t dropped an ounce; I can officially say I’m stalled. This early! It’s frustrating.

I’m being pretty diligent about food; exercising daily at least a bit (and usually a goodly amount). Here’s the possible culprits:

Of it all, I’m guessing my metabolism is a bit slower than I’d like it to be — and switching up exercise to try to get a little more intensity in there is a good idea.

I’m going to start there — for the next week, try to do more interval training on the rower and less solid state stuff. I’ve pulled down some interval ideas from the Concept 2 site, and am looking up how to set up intervals on the rower.

I’ll be honest — I’m having a hard time getting stoked about exercise in the mornings these days. Maybe the intervals will shake things up and get me excited again!

Day 743: I don’t wanna

Exercise! Exercise may be the hardest demon to slay in the new year. I have friends who work out every morning and seem to dig it, but it’s definitely my ugh moment between getting up and going to work.

I have an extended metaphor for it that I need to record with special effects and music at some point called you are a wizard in which I basically explain that you’re a wizard, and you can cast a spell that makes you healthier and more confident and better looking and your clothes fit better and people think more highly of you. But you have to perform the ritual for 30 minutes every morning, and the ritual is physically demanding.

You’d do that, right? A magic spell that delivers all that stuff, in exchange for a paltry 1/48th of your day every day?

You’d be nuts not to! And that’s exercise, baby.

Despite even having that kicky metaphor rolling around in my head, and my go-to list of motivational phrases, it is still harrrrrrrd some days to kick it into gear.

I’m doing it, though! I have to. I’m on this path to getting where I want to be in 2019, and I’m not deviating. I didn’t eat chips yesterday at game time (had some fresh fruit, though). I’ve successfully been a non-snacking mofo for two straight weeks. I can lock this down, I just have to do the work.

Day 738: Spinning is &^%$ hard

Added a couple of charts to the 2019 Tracker, so hopefully those trend lines will help inspire me in moments of despair.

Spinning! It’s HARD! I knew that already from previous spinning — I even went to a drop-in class once, and my wife was an avid spin studio member for about a year. We bought a high-end-of-the-low-end bike for Christmas 2017.

It’s been a while since I’ve spun, and holy DIVER. I set myself up for 20 minutes of mixed speed and resistance, and those shuttle jump-up-and-down things. At Minute 12, I had to stop because I was legitimately getting a bit worried about a heart attack.

And, I mean, that’s cool — something every day, and that was certainly something. But a good lesson that I can’t just leap back into things I was once good at (or reasonable at) like it ain’t no thang. I’m’a have to add a minute to every session til I’m back up to 20, then 30.

I’m more of a rowing guy anyway…