Day 952: Hosting (again)

Back to hosting! Family in for lunch, afternoon, dinner, and overnight — I’m guessing about a 30-hour window of having my relatives here. I’m looking forward to it; I have to get in gear and do some tidying, grocery shopping, lunch prep, etc., but should be good to go for when they all roll in in about… four hours, I’m guessing.

Off to tidy and prep!

Day 950: 50 days to go!

Up late this morning because my phone ran out of battery and the cats were being surprisingly decent! So running a bit short on time. Good run (steps at the local outdoor track), and food’s been great since vacation ended (not too shabby during vacation either).

It’s Day 950! Closing in on 1000. That’s a big number!

Day 949: I should start getting serious about the next things

I woke up this morning thinking “oh snap, its all happening soon!” — starting the LLM, the new Dry & Mighty project with my wife, a whole bunch o’ stuff. It’s time to start getting busy with these things!

I’m concurrently anticipating and dreading the academic part of the LLM. I’m going to be taking one class and auditing another, so that’s six hours of just lesson time every week; assignments and homework as well. Sooooo, that’s going to be a thing, and it starts in about three weeks, so it’s time to start wrapping my head around it.

All else is going well! But it’s time to get my regular life on lock before I get into the whole deal. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of work, but I should chip away every day at this stuff.

Day 948: Back, in all senses of the word

Back at work today, back from a week of vacation — which, when I look at the full week, was four days spent in various forms of transit and three not, so that may explain why I don’t feel particularly vacationed.

I do feel recharged in some ways, though; ready to start logging food and exercise again, ready to get back to the office and bash away at work, etc. I’m’a do a short meditation thing right now, and pre-log food for the day to get that sorted.

Day 947: Greetings from Toronto (hopefully)

If all’s well, I’m close to Oshawa and on my way to Toronto this morning, taking my mother-in-law to the airport (but doing the smart thing and taking trains in and out of the city, to avoid mental wear and tear).

Back to work tomorrow, and I’m actually kind of excited to be back to routine… I’ve been okay with food for the break, but am far from perfect and am actually kind of stoked to get back on a proper program without having houseguests.

Day 946: Off again!

Final leg of Big Visit 2019: going to my folks’ place in Port Perry, then off to Toronto to drop my mother-in-law off at the airport. It’s been lovely having her! It’s hard to express, though, how “hosting” is different than “vacationing” in terms of actually having time off… even with the most delightful houseguest, there’s still the ambient pressure of having to make sure somebody is tended to.

Pre-record for tomorrow, and then it’s back to routine — I actually miss work, as weird as that sounds.

Day 945: Town Trip!

Part of the hosting thing — a tour of some of our fave Ontario small towns today; up to Merrickville, across to Perth, back home. Lots of driving!

Walking was the exercise yesterday — a lot of it, and more today, as we boot around a bunch of small Ontario communities and check out some local festivals, etc.

Going to grab some coffee, a shower, and get ready to hit the road… resisting road food will be the big thing today, but I’m feeling confident.

Day 943: Recovered!

Man, that took a lot out of me. Age, I guess! Driving has never been a fave but the chaos and fiddlin’ of the last couple of days took a toll. Exercise has been off, but food has been ooookay, so if I’m mindful today/tomorrow I’ll be back on an even keel.

I’ve got my “vacation to-do list”, and I’m off to do some runaround stuff and chores this morning, while my wife takes her mom on a tour of the city. Actually looking forward to getting a couple of items ticked off, and having a productive non-work day to free myself up mentally for good times this weekend!