Day 781: Technology suuuuuuucks

Up at four this morning for cat / busy brain reasons, but got a good early start to the day intending to go back to work.

Then comes Jerkpod, and

  • no internet
  • half an hour trying to diagnose ISP problems
  • realizing the problem was the router
  • 45 minutes trying to restore and reset the router, install firmware, etc.
  • realizing the router was a lost cause
  • deciding to post from my wife’s laptop, which is plugged directly into the modem now
  • copying my password database and keyfiles so I can get to my passwords on this computer
  • updating the password database software
  • not being able to log into Jerkpod because the security plugin has gone bonkers
  • updating out of date ftp software
  • logging into ftp
  • disabling the security plugin
  • logging in here to post
  • concurrently trying to order a new router from Canada Computers
  • battling with their website, which seems to be up to date circa about 2005, so ordering something takes about eight steps more than I’m used to, including the world’s worst error delivery system when they can’t find your account information
  • involving a lot of webmail logins as I have their stuff sent to a spam account

… all this to post a post that’s under two minutes long. I’m now well over 90 minutes into a morning of tech support and faff that really doesn’t… do anything to make my life better.

Remember when technology was supposed to make our lives easier?

Day 780: Old Man, Winter

Ollllld maaaaaaaaan winterrrrrrr, with apologies to Paul Robeson.

My wife said to me yesterday “this is the first winter that I feel old,” and I have to agree that this is a long one. I also feel old this year.

I think it’s a confluence of things, including shift work making it hard to consolidate a time for outdoor activity. If you’re not doing winter stuff, winter is nothing but a fatiguing pain in the arse.

“So do winter activities!” you say! It’s a great idea, and it’s one of those things were since December we’ve been vaguely intending to, but life just keeps happening underneath and around us. Our weekends tend toward the busy, and while I don’t fall back on “no car” as a universal excuse for everything, it does winnow your options down significantly.

Right now, we’re hunkering down and counting the days — one month from now, we should be into spring. Right?

Incidentally, fasting went well yesterday — it was a bit of a nail-biter late in the evening, but I managed. The key now is to eat normally today, not like a lunatic: plan food, log food, enjoy food responsibly.

Day 779: Reconsidering fasting

I’ve messed around with fasting before, and coming off three days of feeling not great, I’m considering a bit of a purge to see if it gets me back on track.

My wife’s been thinking of it too. I might just give today a shot, see how I feel about trying the Tuesday/Friday thing again.

Day 778: Winter Blahs

Still a bit under the weather, and now my wife’s feelin’ it too — this is mid-February, so our working theory now is “winter blahs”. I just fired up the Happy Lamp, which is something I should use every morning.

So it’s been a not-great couple of days because of that, and I know I’m going to come out of this with a setback, but I think my goal right now is just “power through”. We’ve had a bit of a home crisis and life change recently (everything’s fine now!), and my wife’s grandmother is sadly in what seem to be her final stages of life (and her passport is expired, so travel isn’t possible). Stressors, in other words.

Hunker down, watch the food, do the 10 minutes of exercise a day, and today’s a holiday, so I’m going to kind of lean into that and goof around a bit.

Day 776: Weekends

Weekends are tough! They’re atypical, is the main problem. I’ve gotten up and gotten my light exercise, but I could go back to bed at this point, and don’t need to shower before I go do the radio show, and my wife came in late last night, and, and, and.

It’s hard to stay on track on weekends.

Day 774: Exercise motivation

It is hard to get psyched up to exercise in the morning. Maybe I do need to re-introduce music to the proceedings.

Then again, I did work out this morning, hard, and yesterday morning, hard, so clearly music’s not a requirement, but a help.

This morning was another interval thing on the rower — it’s only about 20 minutes of work, but holy jeez, what a 20 minutes. I’ve taken the “90% kitchen 10% gym” thing to heart — if I really do a good job with food, and get some quality exercise in every morning, that’s a good thing. I walk to and from work, and around town.

And it has been working. A bit of a weight stall after coming back from the February 1 debacle, but on the whole, things are trending along nicely. Still weirded out by the fat percentage versus weight equations, which seem to vary interestingly now.

Day 773: Jerkpod AFTER DARK

A kind of atypical morning this morning, with snow shovelling replacing regular exercise, which threw off my whole rhythm to the point that I didn’t do a podcast!

Just as well, really — I’m glad to be recording this in the evening, because I just got back from two hours of volunteer training, one-on-one with some really cool and talented people that I’m happy to know. The volunteer stuff sometimes becomes a pain; it’s nice to get back to what I really value about it, which is connecting to and helping people.

It’s also nice to pay it forward skills-and-brainwise.

Day 772: Big glass of water, seriously

Is it possible that I can measure how good something is for me by how little I want to do it? Because I have just done the Big Glass Of Water First Thing this morning after about a week of not doing it, and holy cow is that effective. Just wakes you right up. It moves me from “blargh, morning” to “okay, let’s get this ship pointed north.”

I just made that up, “let’s get this ship pointed north,” but that sounds credibly like an expression, no?

I resist it, though, fiercely. I have an aversion to chugging 500 mL of water at 5:05 a.m. I’d say “I don’t know why,” but I think it’s because I don’t enjoy it. And I don’t enjoy it because it’s a shock to the system. And I’m guessing it works because it’s a pretty benign shock to the system.

So there y’go. I don’t know if it’ll work for you, but I highly encourage you give it a shot. Get out of bed, drink about half a litre of water. In one go if you can manage it. BOOM! You’re up, baby.