Day 932: Weird People of Running

Hitting the road at 4:20 (brah!) a.m. to run in what our real estate agent cheerfully calls a “neighbourhood in transition” means you get to see the interesting side of town, with transactions on porches, open bathrobes, bikes and little trailers filled with what I can only assume is treasure, zombie walks, and somebody yelling something at me that for some reason I chose not to slow down and check out.

So it was a good run that came with a heaping side helping of humility and gratitude. I’m happy with where I’m at in life right now, and not foolish enough to believe it’s all me: I got lucky genes, lucky with my parents, lucky with my upbringing, and lucky not to be unlucky in the thousand ways that could have taken my life in a different direction.

Day 931: Laundry, Again

For a couple with no kids, we seem to generate a supernatural amount of laundry. I think it’s exercise — when you think about it, that’s a shirt/shorts every day for me, and again for my wife. But it seems like one evening and a chunk of the weekend is always laundry, and if we miss laundry one weekend it can take weeks to catch up.

But it’s gotta be done! So off to laundry. Before enlightenment chop wood haul water, and all that good stuff.

Carrying on just fine with exercise, food, etc.

Day 930: Tired!

I’ve been sleeping solid, but yesterday and today (so far) it’s just been impossible to keep my eyes open. What’s up? I’ve been exercising but in the low half of the spectrum — 5k rows, 6k runs, not the 10ks I used to do. Sleep’s actually been solid, even though it’s been hot. So why am I wiped out?

This might just be a matter of grabbing a nap today. We’ll see if I can knock this out.

Day 929: Oh yeah, meditation

Be right back, folks!


It’s just a minute, but I’m trying to do it every morning. And I almost forgot after just one day! What a goof.

Prepping for the radio show tomorrow, and I think it’s sell-by date has definitely come and gone for me; it’s fun, sure, but it’s become more of a chore than a joy at this point, and I’m looking forward to the break. Maybe not leaving radio for good, and doing more pick-up, fill-in kinda stuff, but the weekly rigamarole of doing music research and planning is YAGO at this point, which is something I’m striving to avoid.

I feel like I’m at a point right now where I’m thinking about the next thing a lot but not doing much about the next thing, which I need to shake out of. There’s a lot there to explore and unpack with my wife, and I need to start building habits now that will let me sustain it while still working on a Master’s, which is also going to be pretty all-consuming. So I’m’a try to chip away at it a little each morning concurrent with this, so that the transition is pretty seamless when it comes.

Day 928: a little meditation

I’m going to take another kick at the meditation can, with the wrinkle that it’s going to be a morning thing, not an evening thing. Evenings just never worked for me for some reason, but mornings are spaces where I can (usually) carve out a couple of minutes, and the idea of a bit of centering before I plunge into the day is a nice idea.

Probably after exercise, though.

With 72 days to go in this thing, I’m still feeling good and positive about ending this on a high note. The June depression definitely hit me hard healthwise, which is a hill to climb (again), but I’m trying to take some positive steps to keep that from recurring, both at work and by trying some new stuff — like meditation — to fend off future episodes of all that hibby.

Exercise is the prescription from the doctor, and that’s back on track now too, which should be helpful.

Day 927: Feeling oddly positive

I feel like the last month has been a cycle of me reporting “I feel better!” and then discovering I don’t feel that much better, then feeling a bit better than that and reporting “I feel better!”, then discovering… repeat forever.

But today, I feel pretty good. Got up early (wife early shift), but had a cup of coffee, talked myself out of laziness into a good 5k on the rower, have grabbed a shower and am feeling all right. Going to head into work early to sift through 72 hours of emails, which would have me feeling gutted two weeks ago but now I kinda look forward to.

It’s nice to feel okay; I think my wife’s been a rock, which has helped a lot, and I’ve been productive in my time off (yesterday wound up being a mass of yard maintenance and garage cleanout, which I didn’t enjoy at the time but felt great when I stopped).

I’m excited but a bit nervous about the next thing; I think it could be great, and I’m looking forward to working on it with my wife.

Day 926: Drawing a blank

Second day of a two-day staycation, and… fine? I’m drawing a blank, here. Exercise is in, food’s decent (especially for a staycation!), and we made some progress yesterday with both sewing and planning for The Next Thing. Today, more of the same! Then back to work tomorrow.

Other than that… I’m good! Not much to report.

Day 925: 75 days remaining!

Final 75, and I’m actually kind of stoked to finish this thing on a high note. Staycation today and tomorrow, which is a state in which I am either grouchy about doing house stuff during my time off, or guilty over goofing off when I should be doing house stuff. Staycations are brutal with my brain.

My wife’s off too, though, so hopefully this is the time when we make big strides on Dry and Mighty and start setting ourselves up for success on that front.

Day 924: Sunday Funday!

Wellll, not a funday, exactly. But a good deck-clearing day to get some things done while my wife is pulling a half-shift, finishing the lawn, doing some weeding, etc. Laundry’s in, lawn is next, and then off to setting up a sewing machine for… sewing.

I’ve got a couple days off, and am going to focus on some house cleaning and getting the project with my wife, Dry and Mighty, planned and running. Food’s on lock, no exercise today (weekend!), but I’m feeling positive about getting things rolling and running.