Day 539: Emergency Exercise

I did not feel it this morning. Got up logey, walked around logey, stayed up from 4 a.m. with my wife, just moping around and feeling… logey.

This is not the first time I have done this, but I literally said NO, stood up, and cranked out a super intense 2k on the rowing machine. Holy Pete — the endorphins are going now, and I’m generally feeling stoked and more alive than I’ve felt in a while, after a week or so of kind of phoning in the exercise.


I’ve got a day ahead of me: sign refurbishing, other Life Stuff. Feeling much better about it now that my blood’s pumping — good stuff. Less than 10 minutes, but I think it’s turned my day around. We’ll see how it goes.

Day 538: Festival Weekend!

It’s Skeleton Park Arts Fest in Kingston this weekend, which means it’s time for… well, Skeleton Park Arts Fest! It’s a good time: lots of vendors, live bands, poetry readings, all the stuff.

But I also acquired a crazy sign, which I need to refurbish and is currently, er, taking up about 50% of the kitchen. There’s definitely a clock on that before my wife gets pretty irritated about it.

But she wants to go to the festival, so I think I’m in the clear.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m more excited about the sign than the festival.


Day 537: Loops

It’s come up quite a bit, but this all feels cyclical now. I have good days and bad days, great weeks and poor weeks, up cycles and down cycles. Keeping myself motivated for long stretches is the hardest thing… I have spurts of excellence bracketed by periodic motivational shutdowns.

Consistency is the thing. It’s the perpetual question. I can get myself on track; then I get off track, then I’m on track again. I’m not sure if less is more — try to take on less routinely and see if I can maintain that consistently, or if more is more — work hard for some sort of crest/pinnacle and strive to maintain that once I’m at the top.

In other news, I’m’a start looking into ways to enhance the podcast’s audio in the short term, and some tools to help me use a piece of mastering software called Auphonic to help. It’s a bit tricky as there’s some tagging issues with — it’s technical! We’ll see how it goes.

Day 536: I Love Early Mornings

Good night last night; good sleep, up on time and got exercise in as well as a full load of laundry. Being a — is there a word for this? — early-bed-early-up person is good for me.

This is no surprise. It’s been over a decade. I riiiiiise! But I sometimes could use a little reminding of how much I enjoy this lifestyle.

It’s a touch painful sometimes, when I see all the fun my night friends are having. Concerts, parties, etc. I’m a bit jealous. But not drinking definitely helps with that kind of envy, and the older I get the more I lean into Old Man satisfaction about getting it all done before I have to go into work.

(Night friends???)

Old Man Satisfaction should be my rap name.

Day 535: Friend Runs

Back to running with my friend Andrew in the morning — motivating, especially when I’m not feeling super into exercise. Having somebody waiting for you gets you out of the house!

Social contact is… good. I socialize plenty at work, and sometimes I convince myself that that’s all the social life I need. But Marisa and I had a great time with friends on Saturday, and just running and chatting is good. I’m a kind of introvert, married to another kind of introvert, so we tend to cocoon.


Day 534: Getting Up Anyway

Foster cats! FOSTER CATS! I’m happy we’re fostering, but I’m wondering how much of the current slump streak can be traced back to wonky sleep for cat-related reasons.

Fighting back from the slump today, though — despite a 2 a.m. wake-up and sustained campaign from the foster to convince us he is a shark and terrorize our older cat, we got up at 5-ish anyway. I’m well exercised, showered, healthy breakfast and lunch packed.

Some volunteer and schoolin’ obligations to square away — this is a big week for coursework for the course I’m taking — and then it’s off to the races. I’m hoping I can dig out of the lack of exercise/diet motivation by sheer force of will. Which is weird, because it’s the will that’s lacking. It’s like I have a will to not be in a slump, but the slump is a lack of… hm.


Day 533: Should I relax? Should I be more productive?


The problem with knowing a lot of people that get a lot done in life is that you feel compelled to get a lot done in life. So a bit of news first: I have a hammock now! I put up a post in the back yard over the weekend, I now have a post and a tree and a hammock and some S-hooks and it is a GODDAMN DELIGHT.

But I spent a chunk of time yesterday in the hammock, feeling great and yet this morning, it’s back to arrgh I could have gotten so much done.

There’s no solve here. It’s not a question I can resolve in a podcast. But it’s an important one!


Day 532: Sober Revelry!

Pride yesterday in Kingston, and a couple of gay friends came over yesterday evening to hang out. There was revelry! Tremendous revelry. Sobriety continued to be a non-problem, but I got to bed pretty late — and my wife headed out with our friends for continued revelry. It was fine, but I kind of stayed up and waited for her to get in. I didn’t need to do it, I know, but I also sorta couldn’t help it.

So super late night last night. Obviously no hangover today, but running really late, and feeling kinda funky.


Day 531: No-Jo

Still having my no-mojo (nojo) problem — I am certain that it will come back, hopefully tomorrow. For now, I’m telling meself that I need this rest, for whatever arcane reason, and I’ll be better for it.

Regardless, I gotta motorvate — bag the rest of my yard waste for a car thing this afternoon. Today is show, volunteer work, then runaround stuff: yard waste and pick up a composter at the city recycling depot, pick up concrete to put a post in the back yard for a hammock (!), general other Get The Crap Done.

We may be saying goodbye to the foster today, on his way to a new Forever Home. I’ll miss the little dude, but I’m happy he’s finding a permanent residence.


Day 530: Mojo Seekin’

Things are going okay! That is first. Second, though, is that my mojo is just not quite all there these days. Sleeping in a bit more, exercising a bit less… I’m doing all right on the diet and weight front, on a plateau but not gaining. Sleep’s been challenging mostly for cat related reasons — last night it was the foster playing SHARK ATTACK every time my toes moved in the night.

As stated: things are going okay. I feel like I’m in a perfectly acceptable holding pattern. The planes are stacked up. But I’m neither ascending nor descending — it’s pretty much waiting for me to get into some sort of sleep/exercise groove again.