Day 814: Running Again

First run since… SEPTEMBER? That seems unlikely but looking at Strava, which was my running logger, it seems that way. I can’t see I’ve really remembered any runs in October/November, so maybe.

Six months away! It felt good, but it was 3k and then I packed it in. 5k in two days, then up to my 10ks next week. I bought some exceptionally cheap (but good) running shoes, so on the recommendation of the salesperson — who, admittedly, is there to make sales — bought two pairs, to wear in alternation so Pair A can rest while I wear Pair B, which apparently makes them last longer overall.

Off to take the cat to the vet! Last day of vacation: crack away at the book, do my taxes, clean the basement. “Chop wood haul water,” right?

Day 813: Last Day of Vacation!

It’s been a good one! Not the best as far as exercise and food go, but great for relaxation. I know I’m’a take a hit on the scales tomorrow, but I feel refreshed, which is great, and ready to… keep that refreshed feeling? Is that weird? That sounds weird.

The return to normal tomorrow also marks a return to running, as winter is now officially over and the streets are free of ice. I’ve been legit excited about this for a couple of months; two years ago was a great running year, last year less so, but I have a good feeling about 2019.

Being on vacation was also a revelation in terms of Newly Sober Wife. This is, again, something I constantly dread that I’ve imposed on her despite probably a thousand reassurances by now that it isn’t. But the feeling of dread when somebody is drinking and you’re not, and you’re not sure where it’s gonna go or if you’re along for the ride — or the booze hostage effect — having those things removed is amazingly liberating. It’s been a joy.

Day 812: Jerk 1, Bear 0

No bears sighted, let alone having eaten me, on the trip to the Undisclosed Cabin Location. I’m back, and feeling good. Rested and restored; I’ve read Robertson Davies’ Deptford Trilogy for the first time since high school, which to large measure means I’ve read it for the first time. It’s really good!

Three days of basically reading and playing games in a cabin in the woods. Very restorative and we’re super happy we did it. Good to be back too, though.

Now the game is to keep that good restored energy and do something positive with it.

Day 810: Electronics-Free

Day Two of vacation pre-records, meaning Day Three of vacation and being completely free of cellular, wifi, etc. etc. I’m stoked about this, as I pre-record it, and look forward to a good redux of our electronics-free experience in November of 2018.

It feels almost artificial to draw this stark a division between connected and disconnected — a bit dramatic — but I don’t do things halfway. When I have a phone and an Internet connection, I am online. So complete unplugging is the best way for me to unplug.

Day 809: I’m in a cabin!

If all’s gone according to plan, I’m going to be waking up around now in a cabin in Quebec, without cell or wifi, and enjoying a few days of long walks, reading, and board games.

That’s… it, really? It’s nice to be in a cabin where you make your own food; a resort or a hotel would come with a lot of terrible food temptations, but this should give us a good set of food options that we bring, as well as quality, electronic-free, time to relax and enjoy the time away.

Day 808: Dead Computer, Vacation Live!

The Plex Box is dead! Well, it’s probably got a janked power supply or RAM. One of the two. Either way it was a recycled box so a minor investment in getting it shipshape again is not such a big deal.

But that will have to wait until I am back from…

Va-cay-shunnnn! Vacation!

Off in a few minutes to a cabin in the woods, literally, where I intend to do… well, not much. Reading and board games for three solid days. No internet, no cell phone. I am psyched. Exercise will be walks in the woods and… firewood splitting? Possibly? I dunno.

So yes, off to the races. Pre-records for the next three days, then back ‘live’ on Sunday. Have a good few days, jerks!

Day 807: Prepping for vacation, fixing my Ubuntu box

Getting ready for vacation, and all the things that go with that (including obscenely long workdays) — lots of things to do to relax, but the reward is in the relaxing, right?

One aggravation is that my Plex server crashed, so it’s also a morning of trying to repair a wonky Ubuntu boot system. This is an area of “I know just enough to be dangerous, but not enough to be useful,” so I’m bashing away at Terminal commands and seeing if I can solve this in a hurry — enough of a hurry that I can move all the music we want to listen to to local device storage, because we’ll be without cell or wifi for the duration.

BIG day today, then off to the races tomorrow for a week of not much at all.

Day 806: Vacation; stacking ’em like cordwood

Leaving Wednesday on vacation for a few days, so I’m’a pre-record Jerkpod like a madman today and tomorrow, setting them up far enough ahead that I can leave with a clear conscience.

Lots of stuff to do before you go on vacation, leading to busy mornings — obvious things like get the laundry done, but I also have to get our radio show for the weekend taken care of, set up this blog/podcast, get things ready for a catsitter, and work is gonna be BANANEYS over the next two days.

Looking forward to the vacation, though!

Day 805: Feeling good ’bout 46

First day of my forty-sixth year (or was that yesterday? Let’s say first full day and split the difference).

How will I celebrate post-birthday? By getting over the extravagant amount of food I ate on my birthday, first of all; second, by doing some work from home. Not glamorous, but what can you do? Third, helping a friend with a project; fourth, the end of the laundry, fifth, move some furniture, fifth set up a WAFFLES! pre-record for next week.

In short, like the Zen koan “after enlightenment chop wood, haul water”, it’s pretty much business as usual around here.